About 1

  Chris MacArthur

Photographer | Writer | Director

As a young sk8rboi growing up in Vancouver, my passions included reading Maxim magazine, listening to screamo music and smoking weed in the parking lot of 7-Eleven. 

After high school, I worked as an English teacher in Kyoto then spent three years toiling in Northern Alberta’s oil patch. When it came time to find a “real” job, I picked photography. I knew I’d have to survive off instant ramen for the rest of my life, but the fascinating adventures seemed worth it. 

Today my passion is crafting people-focused stories and content. I have a deep and genuine interest in people and exploring what makes them who they are. Whether it’s Korean beauty influencers in Toronto or Indigenous fur trappers in the Yukon, I want to bring their stories to life and share them with the world. 






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