Weekend in Yellowknife

Weekend in Yellowknife 1

Weekend inYellowknife I’ve always been fascinated with the Canadian North and its magical, rugged culture. Yellowknife’s a world-renowned hot spot for viewing the aurora borealis, but I went to capture the people and moments that don’t appear in promotional brochures. While the city’s main attraction will always be its mystical and fleeting northern lights, what […]


Portraits 3

Country artist Nora Kelly, Montréal Country artist Nora Kelly, Montréal Montréal rapper KPTN Montréal rapper KPTN Kathryn McCaughey of NOBRO, Montréal NOBRO at Blue Bonnets Raceway, Montréal NOBRO at Blue Bonnets Raceway, Montréal Anda and Celya enjoying the Montréal goth picnic Dan enjoying the Montréal goth picnic NOBRO at Cinéma d’Amour, Montréal Gangster family at […]

Can-Am Motorcycles

Can-Am Motorcycles 4

Can-Am Motorcycles Behind the scenes at the Can-Am Design and Innovation Center. Proper caption coming soon! 

Designstripe x Isabel Moranta

Designstripe x Isabel Moranta 5

Designstripe X Isabel Moranta Designstripe is a design startup that uses AI to create custom illustrations for clients of all kinds. I’ve been lucky to work with them on developing an interview series called “Creative Signals” that features leading creatives from around the world. For episode two, I filmed, photographed and interviewed digital designer Isabel […]

eBay Sneakers x Netmagnetism

eBay Sneakers x Netmagnetism 12

eBay Sneakers X Netmagnetism I’m officially an aspiring sneakerhead thanks to meeting Tong Shum AKA @netmagnetism – the humble sneaker genius who sells the world’s rarest and most coveted sneakers from an extra-boring office space in suburban Toronto. Next time you feel like dropping three months’ rent on a pair of sneakers, this is the […]

The Warmth of Spain

The Warmth of Spain 13

The Warmth of Spain December in Canada is cold and gloomy. December in Spain is sunny and glorious. I spent a month exploring the country, photographing strangers who had a warm and friendly vibe.

Walter Power Tools

Walter Power Tools 15

Walter Power Tools Tired of working from home and falling asleep in Zoom meetings every day? Why not try a career in the exciting fields of underwater welding or oil refinery parts manufacturing?? For Walter’s first US campaign, I photographed Magali Côté and Kory Niemi; multidisciplinary tradespeople who use the company’s commercial-grade tools to take […]

West Texas Stories

West Texas Stories 16

West Texas Stories I’d always wanted to explore Texas. But not the big cities or towns you can easily spot on a map. I wanted to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the places no one’s heard of. For ten days I roamed the Wild West, soaking in its rich and rugged culture. I smoked weed with cowboys, […]